Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is required for me to ride for your team?
A. You will need a bike, a helmet, and eye protection to train and race.

Q. What kind of bike do I need to participate.
A. You will need a mountain bike. If you do not have a mountain bike, the PWR staff can assist you with picking out the best bike that your budget allows.

Q. What wheel size is the best?
A. This is a very controversial question, however the PWR staff recommends a 27.5" (650B) wheel size for your athlete. More information can be found here.

Q. If I have no experience riding a mountain bike, can I join your team?
A. YES. We encourage all ability levels to join the team. Our coaches will work with you and introduce you to the skills needed to ride a mountain bike.

Q. How much commitment is needed to participate?
A. Like anything, you will only get out of this what you put into it. With basic weekly practices, and a consistent diet and exercise regime, you will be successful.

Q. Will I be able to race if I join the team?
A. YES. This is a "no bench" sport. What this means is if you participate you will ride. The only reason a rider wouldn't ride a race, is if that rider was found in violation of established rules.

Q. Am I allowed to ride a single speed bike?
A. You are able to ride a single speed bike in the USAC series, however single speed bikes are not permitted in the NICA series.

Q. Where are the races held?
A. Most race venues are located within 2 hours of Prince William County. See the current race schedule.

Q. When are the races held - what day of the week?
A. Most races are held on either a Saturday or Sunday. However the VAHS series will be holding 3 weekday races on Tuesday evenings this year. See the current race schedule here.

Q. My child is home schooled, can they still join your team?
A. Yes.

More FAQ's coming soon.