Prince William Racing- Interscholastic Mountain Bike Program Policies
Updated: March 1, 2018
Program/ Participant Fees
The Prince William Racing Interscholastic Mountain Bike Program is composed of 1 season,  Spring (January-May).
Program Fee price for the season is $120 per individual athlete and is payable upon registration for the season.  Payment may be made by check or cash.
Payment for the program is a one time fee, prior to start of season. No monthly payment options will be made available.
The program fee provides your athlete with  the following;
1 Jersey
1 Tshirt
Matching shorts will be available for purchase at an additional cost, however they are not necessary. Riders can wear the matching shorts, black cycling shorts, or black baggy cycling shorts.  
In the instance that no Jersey or t-shirt are required (2nd season), registration fee may be reduced to $50. Athlete must maintain at least 2 team jerseys to be eligible for a program fee discount.
Additional Jerseys and Shorts will be made available at the beginning of each season. Current apparel pricing will be distributed amongst members.
Athlete is expected to purchase and maintain an active USA Cycling(USAC). Riders are required to have a license in order to compete! The athlete is also responsible for all applicable league and race entry fees.  A list of these fees can be found below.
Current fees are based on previous year’s(2018 season) information and are subject to change.
All efforts will be made to keep this as up to date as possible.

Spring - VAHS - Virginia High School Cycling League
Prince William Racing Program Fee - $120 
USAC License Fee- $35/year 
Race Entry Fee - $33/event (If you purchase a season pass for $165.00). Per race entry fee is $45.00 otherwise. Information can be found here

Refund Policy
Except for an injury (see injury policy below) no refunds will be given for missed workouts during a season.  No other refunds or proration will be given for any reason outside of the injury policy stated below. 

If an athlete is injured and the injury physically prevents the athlete from continuing the workouts in the program, the athlete is eligible for a refund of the unused portion of the fees, based on a prorated amount. In this instance, team directors will deduct any apparel and “used” portion of membership from remaining season, where “used” constitutes time since beginning of current season.
Athlete may return to training and racing once he or she is cleared by a physician.  Athlete or parent must provide written verification from a licensed physician of the injury and when they are cleared to return to practice. 
Participants are expected to attend as many team practices as they are able and are expected to log and maintain active training log. Failure to attend at least 3 team practices, including safety and skills practice session, will result in athlete not being able to race. For the safety of the athlete and other athletes, he/she will not be able to race until this requirement is met. No other attendance requirements shall be required.
Participants are expected to maintain a 3.0 grade point average in order to be eligible for participation. In the case that this is not met, athlete will be counselled by Head Coach and provided with corrective action. This will be discussed privately with parent and athlete.
Inappropriate Behavior
Actions deemed inappropriate by program leadership may result in suspension or dismissal from the team. PWR leadership reserves the right to deliberate and take action in such cases and will discuss judgement with parent or legal guardian of participant in a timely manner. In such instances, no refunds will be given, and re-admittance to the team will be up to the discretion of the team leadership.
Instances that would constitute such action include but are not limited to: Fighting, drug use, unsportsmanlike conduct, theft, truancy and discrimination.